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Exploring the Fringe of Craft

Posted on: Saturday, April 13, 2013

New Friends woven wall panel (image courtesy of Beklina)

Contemporary craft designs are no longer simply objects for interior adornment or sculptural creations hovering on the fringe. Handmade work adds authenticity to our living spaces in ways that provide texture, unexpected contrast, as well as an opportunity to highlight artistic narrative and exquisite cultural traditions. Be it an artisan-made wedding pillow that links us to the customs of rural Morocco or a a retro-style wall hanging that softens the edges of our day-to-day existence – living artfully with craft might take you beyond your comfort zone for some much-needed design relief and timeless armchair travel.

New Friends Woven Wall Hangings / Beklina

Alexandra Segreti and Kelly Rakowski are the cool design duo behind New Friends, two aesthetes with a shared a love of textiles and eccentric visuals. Their shaggy wall panels incorporate a range of fibers from wool, paper and fabric remnants – all hand woven by the designers themselves in Brooklyn, NY. These colorful, eco-friendly, and highly-textured art creations are available in limited edition quantities. Available at Beklina.

Chocolate Bairak Serving Platter / BulgarUSA

BulgarUSA has been a true pioneer in collaborating with artisans and designers in Eastern Europe, and their bold ceramic collections feature modern interpretations of traditional styles and regional motifs. This Chocolate Bairak platter was created in a family run workshop in Troyan, Bulgaria, and serves as an eye catching tabletop expression. Each unique piece is handcrafted by talented makers who are keepers of both cultural and community wisdom.

Berber Wedding Pillow / Kahina Giving 

Kahina Giving's stunning pillows are all hand-woven by Berber women in the Village of Meryrte, in Morocco's Mid-Atlas mountains. This latest Berber Wedding Pillow is made out of local virgin wool and embellished with symbolic cotton embroidery and sequins meant to ward off the evil eye. Traditionally made along with textured blankets as part of a wedding dowry, the women gather together in groups prior to the big event to weave and embroider as an occasion for imparting advice to the bride to be. Embroidery designs and exact sizes may vary from pillow to pillow.
Ramsus Ceramic Vases / Mondays Projects

Jennifer Fiore of Mondays Projects created this vase series as an homage to architect Rasmus Peterson and his famed Rock Garden and Museum in Oregon. The dark brown and red clay used is hand-formed into pebble shapes to create the unique surface of the vessels. Mondays Projects' designs are all created by hand in Brooklyn by the collective of Jennifer Fiore, Nina Lalli, and Signe Tberg. The trio is  committed to creating one-of-a-kind, textured pieces that are lead-free and food-safe. Their Tumblr blog is pretty rocking, too.


MONDAYS said...

Thanks so much Abigail! I'm honored to be featured on your beautiful blog! xxj

Abigail Doan said...

My pleasure, Jennifer. I love your work and the spirit of your collective. Congratulations on the beauty you create.

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