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Healing Our Beautiful Wounds

Posted on: Monday, April 22, 2013

(photo by Mark Borthwick)

I sometimes feel guilty about promoting, sharing, and creating 'beautiful' things as this often seems misleading in a world fraught with conflict, environmental stress, and dire statistics. Being Pollyannaish is really not helpful on any front these days.

It was over a year ago that I stopped posting on my blog Ecco*Eco, perhaps with the idea that it was time to get more serious about ideas that truly mattered. I keep coming back, though, to images and global projects that are meant to inspire or encourage us to keep pushing onwards for solutions and initiatives that might bring us closer or within range of a more cohesive existence.

Waking up with botanicals in Sofia (photo by Abigail Doan)

I do this as a mother who has no choice but to carve out time to think about ways to envision the world differently. I invite others to do so, and in the process, become more passionate about the notion that beauty should be available for all. This is not about privilege, luxury, or even proximity to beautiful things. It is about embracing the ugly, the overlooked, and the cast-off. Beauty binds us together and make us human – or at least more aware of what we could do and be – bound together.

Nanna Hänninen 'Prayer Tree I', 2012 

With rape, pillaging, and excessive greed now crippling our spirits, beauty is like a salve for our wounds. Nature knows this and is persistent (patient) with every twist and turn that we take. It is my wish that we can see beauty as normalcy and not as something to exploit

This summer I will release my first printed edition of ideas related to fiber, lost artifacts, and the beautiful. The book will be published on 100% recycled paper and available via special order. Details to come. It will be my small attempt at creating beauty that is tangible as well as (creatively) optimistic in outlook.


Willemien de Villiers said...

I completely relate to this post, Abigail. Even though I embrace the notion that social activism comes in many forms and guises, as an artist I have to remind myself all the time that beauty matters – maybe even more so when one lives and works in a violent and dysfunctional environment (pretty much the entire world, sadly). I always find much to think about when reading your blog, thanks! Willemien

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