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Archaeology and Surfacing

Posted on: Tuesday, May 28, 2013

I am drifting through a variety of projects right now, and it feels as if the deeper I plunge, the more that the surface of things dazzles me and carries me along in a sort of pacifying way.

This is not to say that I am becoming complacent or seduced by images alone, but as one gets into the thick of things certain details suggest whole universes until themselves. Part personal archaeology and part messy layers, it is a process that one might consider navigating with all of the senses and faucets wide open.

Algae photographed by pathikbar

I mean if they can just discover cave paintings such as these in Mexico, 'layers' as we think that we know (and have tagged) them are still quietly rising to the surface. Why wouldn't one's own personal archaeology be the same – undiscovered until just the right time?

Somewhat like a reef or coagulation of self that drifts by for possible re-attachment.

This realization is liberating somehow, particularly when it comes to 'tackling' and 'hauling in' the work that needs to get done without causing harm.

I say that now is the time to drift all that we need to in order to anchor ourselves to something textured and resilient that was probably right under the surface all along. Loop back if you need to, and do not worry about the slow crafting agenda. It's not the tempo that ultimately matters, but the ability to recognize which layers propel us forward and backwards in uniquely transformative waves.


karentempler said...

That basket! Swoon.

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