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Always A Dreamer

Posted on: Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Suvi Kopenen by Mert & Marcus for Vogue Paris March 2013

So I am traveling to Scandinavia next week (briefly, for the Midsummer's Eve wedding of two amazing friends) and the prospect of traveling north to the land of the Midnight Sun is making me very distracted and dreamy.

My work in the studio this past week has subsequently been somewhat quirky and playful in ways that remind me of the more humorous aspects of being resourceful.

Wrapped pod with space suit collage (Abigail Doan / 2013)

I have also became rather pre-occupied with resuscitating old (broken) forms into new wearables. Part of this comes from having a more 'edited' travel wardrobe while living in Bulgaria and needing to invent things much the way I did while growing up on a farm.

My own wrapped paper fiber necklace on a Bulgarian embroidery illustration

As always, I am able to make wonderful discoveries while out on walks or simply puttering about at home. Things drift into view and make sense when one loosens the hold a bit.

Wrapped cottonwood seed fiber with pink desert landscape (Abigail Doan / 2013)

Anyhow, I will report more from Sweden next week. I just feel lucky to have the luxury to be able to dream while also problem solving and cherishing the work of others.


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