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Make It Monday: Oddities and Ghostly Artifacts

Posted on: Monday, October 21, 2013

Tess Giberson SS2014 | photo by Drex Dreschel 

October is creeping along and, of course, ideas of haunted realities are seeping into my world and studio, particularly as I work with textile scraps, recycled fibers, and the remains of what I now call 'fashion artifacts'.

(My twins are also expecting me to craft some amazing costumes for their school Halloween party, but this will surely end up being a collaborative effort between the three of us).
Diagram of a Thracian cult mound via The Haemimont Foundation

When working with cast-off materials and discarded bits one is constantly reminded of the life force that materials have and where that energy dissipates to once the object or design is no longer 'needed' or 'relevant'. I believe that all things in our lives travel in cycles and then find pathways and lasting connections with new fibers and structures. 

This is very much what I am exploring with Lost in Fiber: The Gathering – that is, the potential for these ghosts and artifacts to reveal something deeply vital about the slower and more wildly linked solutions, however odd looking or seemingly random.

Lost in Fiber | The Gathering ghosts scraps and vintage artifacts aerating in Sofia

Putting materials together in unexpected ways is often a bit scary, but perhaps because the voices one hears while doing so are more about what one thinks might look apropos rather than what simply might work. This is a whole other modus operandi for existence, and one that is potentially more reflective of a world on the fringe of so many unsettling modern tales.


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