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Wild Textile Expressions for 2013

Posted on: Wednesday, December 18, 2013

'Memory Foam Pullover’ by Nadine Goepfert 

Please enjoy my review of the fiber and textile trends in fashion during 2013 as featured on The WILD Magazine.

"It was a year where the craftsmanship of couture seemed more approachable (tactile), the fringes of independent design reached the center, silhouettes and materials got a bit crazier, and knitwear hype continued to rival technological breakthroughs. Picking the ‘best of the best’ is really not even a useful exercise when so much is to be gained from creating a unique dialogue between our own body and the environment via options that might now be helping us to realize what a more integrated psyche and terrain might ultimately entail."

 Cara Marie Piazza bundles kitchen scraps and botanicals for her luxe art wearables

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