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Artist | Maker Profile: Kour Pour

Posted on: Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Tree Of Life, 2013 | acrylic on canvas over panel | Kour Pour

Dragons & Genies, 2012-2013 | acrylic on canvas over panel | Kour Pour
I am so intrigued by these exquisite paintings created by Los Angeles-based artist, Kour Pour. Currently on view at Untitled gallery in lower Manhattan – they are mesmerizingly soulful and wisely complex in their laborious layers.

Kour Pour installation at Untitled | 30 Orchard Street, NYC

"Each of the seven paintings in the exhibition references a specific rug that Pour has identified through research of auction and exhibition catalogues. The image of the rug is silkscreened onto a canvas that has been primed with several layers of tinted gesso. Pour's use of silkscreen further removes his paintings from the rugs they reference: from the tangible work of laborious weavers, they are turned into flat images. Yet, Pour's paintings are anything but flat. The gesso he uses as primer is applied onto the canvas in horizontal and vertical strokes with a broom stick, to recreate the warp and weft of woven rugs." – Untitled | press release

Never Ending Story, 2013 | acrylic on canvas over panel | Kour Pour

In an era where the preservation of artisan skills appears to be tenuous and fragile, these (referential) paintings do not strip away reverence for the original artifacts, but rather highlight how precious and vital such pieces are in our cultural landscape and the psyche overall.

The auction catalogue applies the high gloss, not the artist looking to resurrect what might have been lost or forgotten.

"Pour uses a circular sander to erase areas of the paintings. He then returns to them in order to repaint what has been lost, wherever possible. In the resulting paintings, he has obliterated parts of the narrative while highlighting others, as if editing the history he has endeavored to tell."  – Untitled | press release

Images courtesy of the artist's website and UntitledOn view through February 23, 2014.


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