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Lost in Fiber | New Artifacts

Posted on: Friday, January 03, 2014

Lost in Fiber | Artifacts from early December 2013

Now that 2014 is underway, the 'gathering' phase for Lost in Fiber: The Gathering is close to complete. I still have a few more visits with artists and designers during the late winter and spring, but this will be to collect studio materials that will be selectively layered and interwoven with already re-worked fibers, (garment) textile scraps, and vintage finds.

 Scrap shirt cuffs and pockets from STATE are organized on the clothesline in Sofia

Knitwear designer and pattern maker, Courtney Cedarholm, is currently creating free form knit swatches that will also serve as a wearable framework for an assortment of the above materials. We are using some incredibly gorgeous one ply yarn from Josi Faye studio in Tennessee.

Lost in Fiber | Artifacts from late December 2013

The next phase of the project will essentially focus on creating new artifacts generated from my archiving, unraveling, and re-working gathered materials. The goal is not to make new wearables, accessories, or functional design items per se, but rather to look closely at the relationships between materials – particularly as cast-off items that take on new life when in dialogue with one another. 

This year long project is not really about recycling, but rather the slowing down of our processes (including pervasive sharing on social media) to create hands-on and relational (tactile) fashion experiences. Part slow fashion, part personal archaeology, part commentary on how and why fashion can be a tool for better (transparent) communication.
Lost in Fiber | Preparatory Procedures in November 2013

Phase one addresses the handmade 'artifact' as a spurious observation or result arising from preparatory procedures. That is, in the same way that we might connect with like-minded artists and makers via the Internet or global community design groups, their materials might also be able to transcend boundaries and co-exist in dynamic and novel ways.

I will soon be profiling the work of some of the contributors to the project. This will include a bit about their processes, the materials they chose to work with, and the pace at which they create. Let's just say that things are getting a bit wild in the studio this winter.


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