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Snow Bound Artifacts

Posted on: Thursday, February 20, 2014

Lost in Fiber | artifact 'pelt' with knitting by Courtney Cedarholm
and one-ply yarn by Josi Faye in Tennessee

This just might be one of the longest breaks that I have taken with my artist blog. This winter has been quite something for a lot of folks, and my recent whirlwind trip to NYC to take care of household and work-related matters really took a lot out of me. The good news is that I was lifted up by the input of talented makers who are contributing to Lost in Fiber | The Gathering and supportive friends who have provided valuable feedback.

Cord 'scraps' from Doug Johnston's studio nested with 'oya lace' from Bazaar Bayar in Turkey, my own vintage threads, and Balmaseda recycled textile yarn

Once I return to Sofia and finally unpack all of the latest gathered bits and creations, I will finally update the project's webpage with information on how I am transitioning from the 'gathering' to the 'artifact' stage. I have, quite honestly, loved integrating and documenting these 'scrap' materials with vintage textiles and organic forms that I have collected over time.

Vintage textile border from Prague with fiber artifacts from NYC and Sofia

Look for more profiles on 'Lost in Fiber' contributors and studio visits during the weeks to come. I also intend to do site-specific photo shoots with new artifacts in the land and in select cultural and geographic settings this spring and summer while traveling.

Things keep rolling onwards – slowly, with organic momentum, and connected at the core. We promise to come to a standstill next autumn in NYC so that folks can experience the pieces in person and share in some of the interactive dialogue. 


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