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Artist | Maker Profile : Neha Vedpathak

Posted on: Monday, March 03, 2014

Snowmass (2010) | snow, turmeric, and kumkum by Neha Vedpathak

Cloud (2010) | soil, water, turmeric by Neha Vedpathak

Time (detail, 2013) | soil, water, turmeric by Neha Vedpathak

"For me the unsaid says the most, making each expression imperative. I work using different materials like handmade paper, mirror and natural substances like turmeric, flowers, leaves and soil. I endeavor to manipulate these media to explore a number of visual possibilities in the realms of subtlety and minimalism. " – Neha Vedpathak

I first came across the work of Neha Vedpathak via Chicago-based ceramicist, curator, and gallerist, Jayson Lawfer. He is the founder and director of The Nevica Project, and his wise showcasing of Neha's prints and soil drawings during 2013 was rather eye opening for me.

Soil Drawing 05 (2013) by Neha Vedpathak

Perhaps it is the micro | macro aspects of these drawings as well as the mass arrangement of materials that makes these works so timely. With all of the discussion about environmental practice in the arts, organic form building, and the slowing down of modern methods in craft, design, and fashion – working directly with the possibilities of soil and its ritual applications seems to be uniquely in touch with shifting landscape interactions and interior dialogue.

Another view of Soil Drawing 05 (2013) by Neha Vedpathak

This video from Neha's exhibition, The Space Between (2103) at N'Namdi Contemporary in Miami, describes her handwork methods and artist philosophy in more detail. (Do not miss the passage on her unique paper making technique called 'plucking'). The packing of soil and delicate nature of plucking fiber in and on the paper surface demonstrates an energy transference of sorts that the artist has experimented with as an examination of cultural connection, grounding ritualistic practice, and the highlighting of delicate | resilient states. 

You can learn more about Neha Vedpathak here.
See also Neha Vedpathak at The Nevica Project.


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Neha Vedpathak is brilliant!

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