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Lost in Fiber | materials + process + spaces

(Slow) Fashion Revolution | Bulgaria and Beyond

Posted on: Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Milena Silvano hand-dyed shawl with local graffiti and vines in Sofia

Sassa Björg linen patch 'tile' skirt with Ceca Georgieva acorn necklace

Study NY dip-dyed organic cotton tank with botanicals from Mount Vitosha

YOD 'slow/wear' studio with botanical dye research books

Detail of Balmaseda 'tafoni jacket' with Ceca Georgieva cord necklace

A quiet moment during our slow fashion spring photo shoot

Titania Inglis designs on Mount Vitosha with Ceca Georgieva accessories

Loup Charmant at the base of Mount Vitosha

Happy Earth Day 2014. I am celebrating the goodness of exquisite handmade wearables as well as slow textiles with this Fashion Revolution Day Bulgaria feature. Please enjoy tmy recent article, 'Ancient Futures: Slow Textiles in Bulgaria' for Hand/Eye Magazine as well.

A special thanks to the above featured designers for creating such thoughtful pieces and timeless fashion statements.

If you are not already following the journey, please join Fashion Revolution Day here.


Rebekka said...

SO incredibly beautiful....all of it!!

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