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Transparency | #InsideOut

Posted on: Wednesday, April 02, 2014

Transparency in fashion or any studio | maker | textile process can be a beautiful thing.

Lost in Fiber | The Gathering on the worktable in Sofia | Abigail Doan

In the days leading up to 24 April this month, I will be serving as Bulgaria's country coordinator for Fashion Revolution Day 2014. This is a critical period in fashion culture and social awareness as the one year anniversary of the Rana Plaza factory tragedy draws near. I will be working closely with local designers, educators, and the media to remember this day and engage in alterations for the future – here in Sofia and beyond our borders.

It is an exciting time for a community that has given so much to me during the time that I have lived here. It is also the right time for the world to ask and be curious about 'Who Made Your Clothes'. Greater accountability and transparency in fashion is a shared dialogue.

There is a tremendous spectrum of design talent in Bulgaria, and I am excited to cultivate an informed appreciation for what it means to produce responsibly and with bold, indigenous creativity. I will also be writing a 'Bulgarian Maker' series for HAND/EYE magazine online as 24 April draws near. 

Please follow Fashion Revolution Bulgaria on Facebook and soon via our own country page on the official Fashion Revolution Day site.

You can also participate via
#insideout events and stories through 24 April


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