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Project Highlight | Walking Libraries

New York + Romanian Design Week(s) | Interwoven

Posted on: Monday, May 19, 2014

Tanya Aguiñiga | textile wall piece | Collective 2 Design Fair | Volume Gallery

This past weekend my attention was definitely swiveling back and forth between friends' postings and Instagram snapshots at New York Design Week and Romanian Design Week. It was curious to observe the similarities and differences between these two design events, but on many levels, I felt that reverence for handmade techniques, studio resourcefulness, and the allure of 'imperfection' in design was strikingly modern and conceptually interwoven.

Ping Pong Open | Made in Pairs | Romanian Design Week

'SorS Laboratory' boutique by Carmen Secareanu | Romanian Design Week

The focus and mission of Romanian Design Week 2014 is as follows:

The aim of Romanian Design Week is to showcase, support and promote Romanian design and, furthermore, Romanian creative industries by presenting (their work) to a wider, global audience. By encouraging Romanian design, the event will manage to promote Romanian culture and the talent that nourishes it.
The second objective is to gather under the Romanian Design Week umbrella, creatives who might not have had the chance to get to know each other or explore what is happening in connected creative industries.

Lana | digital print fashions at Romanian Design Week

GRAIN textiles | NYC x Design

The interesting thing for me is how regionalism might currently be viewed as a strength for some of the best design studios out there. Meaning, there is definite appeal, at least for me, when I can sense collective action generated by new identities and modes of expression taking shape both creatively and geographically around the world. Maybe Instagram is the instant glue, but I also just think that good design is transcending the design week elitism of booth purchasing mania as well as creating innovative product to simply stave off boredom.


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