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Artist | Maker Profile: Betsy Bull

Posted on: Friday, June 27, 2014

'Enclosure' by Betsy Bull

Sometimes the realm of Tumblr can yield amazing finds. It was with great pleasure that I recently discovered the work of fiber artist/designer/student, Betsy Bull, a few weeks ago via her inspirational and intuitive flow of images.
Laser-cut and machine knitted forms by Betsy Bull

Since then we have been in touch via e-mail, and I was really happy to discover Betsy's new website and chat a bit. I love the way that Betsy navigates between the realms of the analog and hand-made. I particularly love the marriage of laser-cut and machine-knitted forms.
'Constricted Shroud' by Betsy Bull
My work aims to invoke a sense of wonder through transformation – B.B.
'Constricted Shroud' (Bird's Eye View) by Betsy Bull
"As an artist, this aim is realized through exploration of material and process. Utilizing modern technology and traditional techniques I challenge material limits, always taking another step, further, further. These explorations culminate in work that navigates between the analog and the automated, hand and machine. " – B.B.

Betsy Bull's waffle weave project on a 'baby loom'

Machine-knitting sample by Betsy Bull

You can view more of Betsy's work here

Her studio process shots and recent travel photos on Instagram are quite wonderful as well. 


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