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Artist | Maker Profile : Viktor Popov

Posted on: Wednesday, September 10, 2014

'Mountain Behind The River' unique print on handmade paper (2010) | Viktor Popov 

The art of keen observation and our willingness to (silently) witness the slow passage of time seems to forever be slipping away in contemporary life. The architectural patinas and faded textures that we pass by every day often serve as reminders that simply stopping to look and remember might reveal a vitally complex topography laden with ancient solutions.

Artist Viktor Popov (Виктор Попов) wisely understands this richness and the layering of fleeting possibilities. His latest exhibition, My World | Моят свят, currently on view at ART 36 Gallery in Sofia, Bulgaria (10 to 23 September) exquisitely preserves his haunting discoveries – documented and translated via the old walls and street surfaces of Beijing, Venice, and Macao.

Popov's alchemical process of developing his photographic prints on traditional Chinese paper (reminiscent of the ritualistic practice of 'stretching silk across ruined walls') allows for ephemeral narratives and fragile moments of a strikingly resilient and global nature. The ancient peelings or figurative forms which emerge, i.e. the 'poetics of myth' serve as a reminder that as borderless beings we might aim to environmentally and mythically extract a new (deeper) sense of connection and continuity in our rapidly changing world.

' A Man Among The Trees' | Viktor Popov 

My World | Моят свят will be the third solo exhibition of this celebrated Bulgarian artist who currently resides in Beijing but travels frequently to immerse himself in these increasingly endangered moments. Updates to the exhibition's event page might be found here.

All images courtesy of Viktor Popov.


susan hemann said...

wonderful! and so true nature reveals the passage of time

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