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Summer to Autumn | Groundcover

Posted on: Thursday, September 25, 2014

Groundcover installation in progress | New Mexico | 2007 | photo by Abigail Doan

The transition from summer to autumn is always, for me, an opportunity to take stock in what has been shining brightly in my life but what also might need to gently fade away. I am typically far better at also updating my blog with news and imagery that inspires me, but these past few weeks have been more about making myself available for others as they go through seasonal adjustments and major life changes.

This does not mean that I have not been working hard behind the scenes or trying to be honest about what matters in my own life or the lives of people and projects I care about. I am currently trying to let go of the feeling that I just do not do enough, get back to people in a timely manner, or accomplish all that I envision happening.

As my community increasingly expands, my goals of remaining 'genuine' and also creating work that reflects the maturity and clarity that I feel as both an artist and analytical thinker, is a challenge to balance.

I guess that I just needed to openly state all of this, as my biggest fear is that I might let vital and perhaps under-recognized opportunities or quieter moments slip away. A new season is often quite poignant: there is the assessment of varied 'groundcover' underfoot and the identification of new threads that emerge amidst the daily routine. There is also a natural shedding that occurs and the possibility of seeing things in a new light. This might be the ultimate (creative) fuel source for the darker days ahead – both the unraveling as well as the protective inclination one feels towards what remains, what prevails, and what is precipitously dwindling.


Anonymous said...

Oh, Abigail...

I've been a 'lurker' ;-) for a while now...usually head straight to your Toolshedding page.

Fiber Porn.

I love all your work and wanted to see maybe some of your inspirations so doubled back to your actual blog and it's fabulous, too.
Now to check out some of your links.

Thanks for taking the time and effort to post all of this. You always feed my soul.


Abigail Doan said...

Oh, that is lovely to hear, Treena, that you were able to follow this trail. I really appreciate your kind words and thoughtful sharing.

It is my pleasure to share the goodness, for sure.


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