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Project Highlight | Walking Libraries

The Material Realm for Spring | Summer 2015

Posted on: Monday, October 20, 2014

Detail of Titania Inglis ceramic petal collaboration with Studio Joo
All handmade elements made in Brooklyn. Photo by Elaine Tian of Studio Joo.

Even though I adopted a 'slow approach' to fashion week events this past September, I was definitely enthusiastically taking note of textile innovation as well as design collaborations that honored handwork, material resourcefulness, and even historic crafting techniques.

My recent article for HAND/EYE Magazine explores just a few of these ideas in the article, The Material Realm for Spring | Summer 2015. Many of my favorite artists, designers, and studio innovators have come together for these featured designs.

Shibori-died jacket as a collaboration between designer Alice Waese 
and in-house dyer and creative assistant, Cara Marie Piazza

Signature handwork – particularly the strategic partnering of visionary artists and designers was, for me, one of the most striking indicators that contemporary fashion can continue inspire us to journey deeper and farther afield when new ideas are reinforced by the experience of artisan hands and traditions that demonstrate the value of staying the course, both aesthetically and technically. The intrigue of handmade solutions and interwoven expressions continues to redefine the possibilities for ‘luxurious’ offerings that also ground us.

You can enjoy the entire article here. Images courtesy of the designers.


susan hemann said...

lovely jacket!, will have to check out the ceramics, love the design

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