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Weekend Escape | Pure Thread Pop Up

Posted on: Friday, October 24, 2014

I honestly cannot believe that the last weekend of October has arrived. Autumn is my absolute favorite season, and I always want to hold on to its goodness and poignant nature for as long as possible. It is a time for being nostalgic and also for considering new options for layering and highlighting beautiful textiles and fiber-based pieces during the months to come.

This upcoming weekend (as the first in our new 'Weekend Escape' postings), I am excited to share that Jill Heller's Pure Thread Pop Up will be open to the ethical fashion and design community at the Bedford Historical Society in Bedford, New York. Everyone is invited, of course, and it will no doubt be an exquisite way to spend a weekend out of the city in order to soak up the beauty of Bedford's historic settlement as well as a stunningly hand-picked line up of ethical fashion designer collections, a selection of home design goods, as well as organic beauty offerings.

Quite often there is an un-natural division between designer stories, the retail experience, and also the myriad details involved in the creation of luxuriously handcrafted items. I think that Jill Heller was wise to locate this event in a setting that speaks to both the beauty and desire we have to simply just be with certain products in order to follow the 'pure threads' that lead us to intuitive and often wise(r) lifestyle choices.

Suzanne Rae, a featured designer at Pure Thread

The Pure Thread Pop-Up is open through this Sunday, 26 October. A full list of designer offerings, updates, as well as location information is featured here. Being a part of a true gathering is certainly a great way to be a part of something both experiential, as fashion these days is so much more than just a pile of fallen leaves to pick through in order to find one worth preserving.


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