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Weekend Escape | Hotel Tivoli + Artifacts

Posted on: Friday, November 21, 2014

Lost in Fiber artifacts on the road in the Hudson Valley of New York State

Even though I have been back from Bulgaria for close to three months, I have not been able to set aside time to visit the Hudson Valley and the landscape that is such a part of my rural childhood and creative vision.

Upstairs nook bathed in Hudson Valley light at the Hotel Tivoli

Last weekend I was finally able to set off on a thirty-six hour retreat to stay at the Hotel Tivoli in Dutchess County, New York, while also exploring the local offerings of nearby Hudson.

A multi-hued organic breakfast spread at the Hotel Tivoli

It is so interesting to me how the quality of a region's light (and hues) say so much about a place and the memories that we have stored away as mini-films that we might replay when home again or in the zone. This small selection of photos is a preview of a special Lost in Fiber photoshoot that I did while upstate. 

There will be more of these site-specific, artifact/textile focused narratives as 2015 unfolds. For now, I am relieved to know that some things never change – even with the unsettling news stories that we are confronted with each day.

All photos by Abigail Doan


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