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Posted on: Wednesday, December 18, 2019

Lost in Fiber editions | shepherd bells | December 2019

Closing out the year and preparing for quiet time in my new rural abode. After days of snow and crackling ice near our lakeside home, it is wonderful to let the pre-solstice light in as we transition to a new year.

2020 will find me overseeing programming for our family foundation, The Haemimont Foundation in NYC and Europe, as well as continuing with design renovations for our exhibition and sanctuary space, Stalla AD, in rural Tuscany. I will also be doing more writing projects, with a continued focus on cultural preservation and environmental outreach initiatives. I will also be returning to creating more works on paper and handmade editions.

Please follow updates to my new studio website via this link

Writing projects and upcoming publications will be announced here.

Archived writing on Medium is findable here.

Wishing peace to all and increased reverence for our environs in the year to come.

Lost in Fiber | editions profile 01

Posted on: Thursday, December 05, 2019

Cardamom Collective x Kakaw Designs artisan made, naturally-dyed pom poms from Chajul, Guatemala  

[ photographed by Abigail Doan of Lost in Fiber | editions on a vintage book of Bulgarian embroidery patterns ]

It has been more than a year, or perhaps years now, since I adopted the ‘Lost in Fiber’ moniker. As many art and design friends know, I hesitate to call myself a fiber artist or textile artist at this juncture, as I am not focused on the mastery of any specific technique within the realms of these practices. The ‘getting lost’ aspect of exploring fiber’s materiality is what lured me in initially as well as its potential as a cultural connector and crafting matrix for modern artifacts and handmade objects. A sustained interest in highlighting the authenticity and regional specificity of fiber is what continually keeps me engaged in ways that also reflect my environmental concerns/research. It is in this spirit that I share a medley of materials recently featured as part of an art/design showcase with Sienna Road in NYC.

You can read more about the crossover between materials, methods, and places in this Lost in Fiber editions profile, featured on my Medium writing journal.

You can also follow Lost in Fiber on Instagram and Tumblr.

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