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Walking Libraries 2016 | Update

Posted on: Wednesday, November 02, 2016

I am currently in the process of archiving and editing close to a year's worth of Walking Libraries documentation (or rather three-quarter of a year's solo walks) in California, New York State's Hudson Valley, NYC, and both rural and urban Bulgaria. One of the most striking discoveries for me is the language created by site-specific features or marks in regional landscapes. A sidewalk crack with a dessicated leaf in Sofia creates a call and response with a coastal sand fissure near Pescadero, California.

A vocabulary of sorts seems to be emerging via personal notations and geographical features documented while on the trail. With a goal of slowing down but also looking more deeply into the fissures of daily life and the fragility (read: resiliency) of our environs, a more current understanding of self in relation to the environment seems imaginable.

I still hope to complete certain itineraries out west this winter, closing the loop on a full year of examination and movement-based activity. From there a new chapter might present itself, or the 'library' might be made accessible as an open archive or mapping tool for others.

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