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Posted on: Saturday, May 26, 2018

Walking Libraries editions  [ 2018 ]  |  Abigail Doan

I am just settling in after a week of solo travel in the American Southwest and time visiting locations that have inspired me for close to two decades. 

This itinerary included: Mountainair and Three Rivers, NM; White Sands National Monument; the drive south to Marfa, TX and the Davis Mountains; the drive north to the Guadalupe Mountains near Salt Flat, TX on to Roswell, NM; and finally closing the desert loop with Santa Fe and Abiquiú. 

This trip was very much about re-visiting those coordinates and locations that provide continuity in my land-based research and the subsequent atmospheric documentation.

I came across this quote by Lucy Lippard, while on the road, and it overlaid nicely with my current interest in editions that are print-based (photographic) as well as artifact-like in their handmade, geo-logical nature.

"A piece of paper or a photograph is as much an object, or as 'material' as a ton of lead." 
– Lucy R. Lippard

Click through sequence of imagery, as I feel that it truly conveys how I feel as an artist whose process is a slow and steady aggregate of materials and observations over time.

Mountainair, NM | 2006–2018 | ph. Abigail Doan

[  Mountainair is where I did this residency in September of 2006 ]

[ The LAND/an art site book is findable here ]

Abo Salinas Ruins, Mountainair, NM | 2018 | ph. Abigail Doan

White Sands National Monument, NM | 2018 | ph. Abigail Doan

'Hyperobjects' @ Ballroom Marfa | Marfa, TX, 2018 | ph. Abigail Doan

Marfa, as is | 2018 | ph. Abigail Doan

Marfa, as is | 2018 | ph. Abigail Doan

Leaving Marfa, TX en route to Roswell, NM | 2018 | ph. Abigail Doan

Rocket debris by Robert H. Goddard, Roswell, NM | 2018 | ph. Abigail Doan

Spacelandings encounter en route to Galisteo, NM | 2018 | ph. Abigail Doan

Rocks near Ojo Caliente, NM | 2018 | ph. Abigail Doan

You can also view more documentation + studio process + travel photos via Instagram.


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