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(Re)Fashioning Fiber with Atefeh Khas, Tara Goodarzy, and Persian New Arts

Posted on: Saturday, April 24, 2010

'Mashalak Jangel' (photograph by Rahele Zomorrodinia)

(photograph by Rahele Zomorrodinia)

(photograph by Rahele Zomorrodinia)

I am thrilled to have Iranian fiber/environmental artists, Atefeh Khas and Tara Goodarzy, participating in the upcoming exhibit that I am curating, (Re)Fashioning Fiber at Greenspaces NY.

Portuguese Castle/Hormoz Island, Iran (photograph by Rahele Zomorrodinia)

I have been in touch with Atefeh over the past year or more - thanks to another outstanding Iranian environmental artist, Dr. Ahmad Nadalian at the Paradise Art Center in Polour, Iran. Atefeh and Tara have particpated in a wave of environmental art festivals in Iran (organized by Nadalian) as well as being founding members of The Persian New Art Collective. I also featured Atefeh and Tara's fiber 'peace bracelets' on Ecco*Eco in March.

Fiber installation in progress on Hormoz Island, Iran (photograph by Rahele Zomorrodinia)

Environmental fiber installation on Hormoz Island, Iran (photograph by Sharnaz Zarkesh)

Fiber installation at Orumieh Lake/Tabriz, Iran (photograph by Sharnaz Zarkesh)

These exquisite images really speak for themselves, and this for me, is the beauty of the site-specific, eco-crafting work that Atefeh, Tara, and their contemporaries collaborate on. Even though Iran is worlds away, these green forests, distant shores, and ancient salt lakes seem like they are all glistening and spun from the same elements and fiber as ours.

(Re)Fashioning Fiber opens on May 20 in NYC.

(Re)Fashioning Fiber with the Women of Iran

Posted on: Thursday, March 11, 2010

photo by Shahnaz Zarkesh

Beautiful, handcrafted fiber 'peace bracelets' being distributed by Iranian artists, Atefeh Khas and Tara Goodarzy.

photo by Shahnaz Zarkesh

Atefeh and Tara have been reviving the domestic arts of their grandmothers and mothers via eco crafting initiatives meant to promote community building and environmental awareness. They are also part of the Iranian/Persian New Art Collective.

photo by Rahele Zomorrodinia

Atefeh Khas and Tara Goodarzy will participate in the upcoming group exhibition that I am curating for GreenSpaces NY in TriBeCa called (Re)Fashioning Fiber. Details to come.

You can also read more about my involvement with the Paradise Art Center in Polour, Iran here.

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