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Posted on: Tuesday, January 29, 2013

'Fete for the Senses' in the 'Handmade' section of Trend Tablet

So thrilled that Fete for the Senses was recently celebrated and reviewed on Trend Tablet

Rhiannon SIlver Gilmore, a visual researcher, maker, and creator of the blog, Intelligent Clashing, wrote a very thoughtful piece on the December event that I created in my home with a hand-picked selection of artists, designers, and slow design advocates.

image: Abigail Doan (left); Balmaseda (right)

In my interview with Rhiannon, I shared the following regarding my vision for the event:

"The idea itself came from Dali’s Les Diners de Gala, a 1971 publication with extravagant fete recipes and surrealistic visuals that explore the pleasures of taste and unbridled artistic passion. Inspired, Doan wanted to apply this spirit to the organic realm, one ‘where fibre and slow craft methodologies might be at play and seem rich’ connecting people with their senses and so providing them with vital information for meaningful decision making and more balanced consumption choices. In this way Fete for the Senses was meant to be more than a party, an exhibit, or a showcase but ultimately a way to sensitize each person to experiences that better inform them about what their true passions might be and in turn what they are hungry for and attracted to. In Doan’s own words, ‘Desire is something that needs to be examined both as a way for creating deeper relations but also for gaging how sustainable strategies are ultimately implemented and shared."

More multi-sensory projects and news to come from my current stay in San Francisco.

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