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Fashion(ing) A.D. 2020 to 2021

Posted on: Thursday, December 17, 2020

Close to ten years after putting the journal, Ecco Eco, on pause, I decided in 2020 to reopen select conversations with the launch of a new project that aims to explore artifacts, objects, and ideas related to fashion(ing) materials in response to environmental phenomena and terrain narratives.

The previous archives (from 2008 to 2012) reflect documentation and writing from this period, although in many instances the content does not reflect our current era. That said, there are threads in these postings that I find useful in reflecting on where we might collectively venture. 

Please join me on this new journey at Fashion(ing) A.D. for future projects and writings. Specific features include notes, terrain (monthly postings), and collaborative projects.

Additionally, this (blogger) studio journal (2007 - 2020) will now be archived. 

Please visit www.abigaildoan.com for updates and news. 

Summer 2020 | Art in Place

Posted on: Tuesday, August 04, 2020

 [ photo: @ Abigail Doan | studio ]

For many of us, this summer has been an opportunity for exploring the creation of 'art in place' as well as a window for rediscovering materials in our immediate environs. I have aimed to use this unprecedented time to identify new pockets of space in the places where I live and work. I have a small nook in the entranceway to my lakeside home, and I often nest objects in this space as I come and go. It has become a miniature gallery of sorts during the pandemic.

 [ photos: @ Abigail Doan | studio ]

This past year has also inspired me to create mini-raft models for floating and weaving into ... a  project that I initiated with my sons as an activity in local resourcefulness via the incorporation of gathered/recycled materials. To date, we have integrated dried and trimmed reeds, strips of woven amate paper, cord, and white clay beads. We have periodic outings to the lake to see if the models float, but the making itself is often the focus.

 [ above photos: @ Abigail Doan | studio ]

In other studio news, I am happy to announce my joining the Studio Prairie creative community, created by artist Jillian Solotesas well as being a featured artist on ecoartspace. Both projects dovetail with my interest in exploring uncharted territory while also creating community and environmental awareness.

For the remainder of August, a quieter time for me, 
you can always follow my research and current musings here.

Be well.

2020 Journal | Newsletter | Revue

Posted on: Tuesday, April 14, 2020

Given that this platform is no longer updated regularly, I am sharing a link to my 2020 journal/newsletter published via Revue. During these unprecedented times, I am archiving and sharing articles, design reviews, and exhibition notes that I feel have resonance as we navigate this new terrain.

Feel free to subscribe to weekly updates or read individual issues via the link above. 

Be well and thank you for your continued interest and support.

Floating Libraries + Sailing Stones

Posted on: Wednesday, March 04, 2020

News of current studio investigations is now readable via my Medium archive. My most recent entry, Floating Libraries + Sailing Stonesdescribes the next iteration of my Walking Libraries archiving project and 2020 lakeside environmental investigations.

lakeside reflections in rural Connecticut

I am also pleased to share my community involvement with ecoartspace, a platform for artists, curators, and writers addressing environmental issues and outreach initiatives.

artist profile | ecoartspace in February 2020

More frequent updates on projects and design research is findable via my studio Instagram account, Abigail Doan | studio as well as Lost in Fiber Projects.

Walking Libraries Interview in Moowon Journal

Posted on: Thursday, January 09, 2020

Moowon Journal | January 2020

“Walking is often viewed as an act of resistance, at least in terms of the individual feeling empowered to shed societal expectations, identify tendencies to subjugate nature, and assess the status quo.”

Abigail Doan, Environmental artist and researcher
So honored to have Walking Libraries (2016-2020) featured in Moowon Journal this month. Mona Kim, Moowon's founder, asked some wonderful questions as part of an interview feature in the article. 

All featured photos are from my on-foot travels in rural regions of the U.S. as well as Europe. Studio artifacts and objects were created as part of my documentation of  traces of atmospheric conditions and acts of resilience while out on the trail. "The development of Walking Libraries as an archiving concept and movement practice was a way for me to confront my own layers of mental stasis, and in turn, come into contact with my surroundings in ways that might reveal solutions for greater resiliency and connectedness moving forward."

Learn more about Moowon here and become a part of their community here.

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