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Summer to Autumn | Home Vessels

Posted on: Friday, September 23, 2016

Home Vessel 01 | Abigail Doan (2016)

The transition from season to season is not always easy for me. Possibly because 'seasons' seem so short these days, or rather, are increasingly indistinguishable in terms of their uncharacteristic temperatures and specifically, evidence of drought and foliage shock. It makes me feel quite nostalgic in an unsettling way.

Our return to NYC after close to two months in Europe left me pining for the long mountain walks of summer and serendipitous notations for Walking Libraries (WL) documentation. 

As autumn slowly seeps in, I am examining what it means to (re)occupy my home vessel – in part because of the undeniable need to have a foundation that our family operates from as an efficient system, and also because I am delving into new (old) materials as a way to return to ideas that I had decades ago. I am gently letting go of working with fiber (cord, string, thread) and shifting the balance so that my vocabulary might become stronger and my course more focused.

Hover Craft 01 | Abigail Doan (2016)

A vessel feels like the right concept or sentiment to explore, i.e. a container, a ship, a hollow tube through which liquid or simply a new life force might flow. A raft for what remains.

This is where you will now find me. Not the textile artist you once knew but the aggregator and documenter of stray (travel) materials and seasonal reflections.


News of 'Home Vessel' pieces in an upcoming group show will be announced soon.

Research and work in process photos are always findable at Lost in Fiber | Instagram.

Best wishes for a multi-hued and textured autumn for all home bodies and bold adventurers.

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